LAHORE - Punjab Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif has said the government’s efforts for economic stability have proved fruitful and international institutions are also acknowledging improvement of national economy.

In a statement issued yesterday, the chief minister said that better economic situation in the country was a clear proof of three and a half years’ performance of PML-N government but some defeated politicians were out to stop this journey of progress. These defeated faces, he added, caused loss of billions of rupees to national economy through sit-ins in 2014.

Shehbaz said that those staging sit-in on the road to development can never be well-wishers of the people. “Some opportunist politicians are giving priority to their personal interests over national interest. These elements should know that success in politics is achieved through public service and not protest and negative politics.”

According to the CM, the conscious people of Pakistan have fed up with the negative politics of defeated politicians. “Those desirous of taking decisions on roads should mend their ways,” he advised and added that the PML-N government will complete its mission of making the country developed, peaceful and prosperous.



In a message on International Day for the Eradication of Poverty, Shehbaz Sharif has said that service to the ailing humanity and eradication of poverty are high values of humanity. “It is the golden principle of Islam that every human being should lead respectable life,” Shehbaz said while stressing the need to take coordinated steps at every level for coping with poverty.

“Poverty is an economic dilemma and every section of society has to play an active role for overcoming this problem.

This day provides an opportunity to take measures for mitigating the miseries of the poor people,” he added.

He further said that aim of observing this day was to create awareness and expedite efforts at international level for the elimination of poverty. He called for highlighting awareness among the families leading miserable lives about their rights.

Shehbaz Sharif said that poverty became a cause of creating law and order problems and lawlessness in the society. Eradication of poverty was necessary for controlling extremism and terrorism, he added.

He suggested that the menace of poverty could be reduced to a large extent by removing economic discrepancies in the society, and it was the duty of every person of the society to take part in this noble cause.

Stressing equal distribution of resources for eradicating poverty, the CM said that it was the duty of well-to-do and affluent people to come forward for eradicating poverty.