SAMBRIAL - World Rural Women's Day was celebrated here to pay tribute to the overwhelmingly role of the rural and urban home-based women workers, who are tirelessly contributing to the informal sector of the economy.

A function in this regard was organised by an NGO at Roras here to highlight significance of the day. Addressing the ceremony, Prof Arshid Mehmood Mirza, Executive Director Baidarie said that World Rural Women's Day is actual a tribute to the mostly neglected women workers.

He held it quite unfortunate that the women workers are not blessed with any legal coverage to protect their rights but literally always remain "temporarily engaged, unregistered, unprotected, isolated, and unorganized". In fact, the law of the land does not recognize them as "workers" in legal sense," regretted Prof Mirza.

Ms Khalida Tabassum, who has been earning her livelihood by stitching soccer balls with her hands for the last 15 years said while sharing her experiences that home-based women workers work day and night but their toils do not win them even the legal minimum wage which in itself is far short of what is necessary to meet the very basic needs.

Ms Hina Noureen, President Baidarie, expressed that her organisation supports the cause of protecting and promoting the rights of women in general and the rights of home-based women workers in particular.