The Crown, Netflix's new show about the life of Queen Elizabeth II, is their most expensive show to date ($156 million!!), so you should 100 percent expect an amazingly over-the-top wardrobe.

According to Marie Claire, the show's massive costume department could have relied on vintage items for Queen Elizabeth's circa 1940s and '50s clothes, but designer Michele Clapton chose to work with a team of over 50 people to painstakingly custom-make almost every piece—down to the shoes. The result? Hundreds of bespoke costumes, many of which are fitting for a literal queen.

"We see Elizabeth searching for a way to deal with her roles: Queen, wife, and mother," Clapton tells of the wardrobe's narrative needs. "She develops a uniform—the equivalent of a man's suit. Formal, without feminine details. An armor of sorts. I try to show her different roles by using different styles: the country tweeds, jodhpurs, and cardigans for home; the uniform for work; and the gowns, coats, and hats for formal. As we see her become more confident, a personal style starts to creep in."

Netflix gave a sneak peek at The Crown's gorgeous costumes in the clip below, and spoiler alert: Queen Elizabeth's wedding train took six weeks to embroider.