OKARA-Unidentified armed men kidnapped a youth in a car, and demanded Rs400,000 as ransom for his release here the other night.

Irfan Naveed, son of Younus Arain, a resident of Umar Din Town, returned home with friends the other night. When he de-boarded the car, three unknown armed men rounded him up and dragged him to a car with a blue light on its roof. When his friends tried to rescue Irfan the armed men threatened them, saying that they were personnel of a security agency and if they moved they would be shot. The armed men drove Irfan to an unknown location. After an hour, Irfan's brother Faizan received a phone call from an anonymous unknown. The man on the other side of the call demanded Rs400,000 as ransom for the release of Irfan. Later, a case was registered in A-Division police station.