Prime Minister Imran Khan on Thursday launched the first phase of the “kamyab Jawan Programme” for youth across the country to support them through technical and financial assistance. 

The prime minister while addressing the inauguration ceremony in Islamabad announced that Rs100 billion have been allocated for youth loans under the programme. He said that out of the total amount, Rs25bn have been earmarked for women.

Prime Minister Imran announced that loans worth up to Rs100,000 will be interest-free, while the loans in two other categories will be concessionary loans.

The premier added that one million young people will be facilitated under the programme.

“We have youth, they are our power but unfortunately [we are lacking in] skills," he said, adding that Rs10bn will be used for teaching skills to 100,000 young people. Under the programme, the prime minister announced, 100 labs will be established for distance learning.

The programme will also arrange internships through which 25,000 young people will be connected with industries, he said.

Talking about religious seminaries, Prime Minister Imran said that 500 labs will also be established in seminaries. "This is the first government which has taken [such] initiatives. We will consider seminary students as our own children and we will impart science education to them," he said, adding that the government has interacted with religious scholars for educational reforms.

"We will try to make our education systems uniform," he said after pointing out that three educational systems — English medium, Urdu medium and seminaries — are presently functioning in the country. He further said that 2,000 teachers will be sent abroad for international-level training.

The prime minister also announced that a national youth development foundation is being established for youngsters across the country to interact and exchange knowledge and views. "The programme will be followed up by the Prime Minister's Office," he said.