KARACHI/SEHWAN - The Chief Justice of  Sindh High Court on Saturday took notice of 19-year-old student Tania Khaskheli's murder and  ordered the investigating officer of the case to submit a report on the matter.

The Sindh High Court chief justice summoned deputy inspector general of Hyderabad police and SSP Jamshoro on September 19.

The investigating officer has also been summoned by the court and ordered to submit a report about the murder of Tania.

Tania, a 19-year-old student, was murdered allegedly by a feudal lord when she rejected his marriage proposal. According to Tania's sister, the victim was shot to death in her house by the influential murderer.

Tania's father claimed that he was being threatened with dire consequences after he had raised his voice against the unjust murder of his daughter.

Tania's sisters have stopped going to school, fearing for their lives.

Tania's sister had appealed to Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, Sindh Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah and authorities to take notice of the murder.

Co-accused held; key accused

still at large

Co-accused in the murder of girl for rejecting marriage proposal was held on Saturday while key accused was still at large.

Culprit Khan Noohani, an influential landlord along with his cohort Maula Bux had killed a girl Tania Khaskheli on refusal to enter into marriage with him. 

The culprits had fled the scene after committing the crime. The co-accused Maula Bux was arrested from Balochistan on Saturday while raids were being conducted to detain the key accused Noohani.

Sindhiani Tehrik protest

violence against women

Staff Reporter adds from Khairpur: Sindhiani Tehrik on Saturday strongly protested against violence against women in different parts of the province.

In this connection, a big protest rally was taken out by Tehrik from Al Mehran Chowk to Press Club Naushehro Feroze against the killing of Tania Khaskheli, forced conversion of Hindu girls into Islam, non-recovery of Fazeela Sarki and incidents of honour killing.  The participants were chanting slogans in favour of women rights.

The leaders of Sindiani Tehrik, Marvi Daheri, Sardarn Almani, Marvi Soomro, Pathani Sangrah, Asifa kalhoro and others, while addressing protest gathering, told that the rulers had made Sindh a slaughter house for women.

They said that killers of Tania Khaskheli had not been arrested nor Fazeela Sarki had been recovered, which they pointed out showed failure of the government. They said women in Sindh were feeling unsafe and therefore were seeking protection and justice. They said females were being forced to change their religion and they were also being killed in the name of honour. They demanded end to violence against women.