Lahore - A six-day special educational course has been started at the Lahore General Hospital for young doctors under the aegis of Post-graduate Medical Institute. This course would continue till September 21, and apart from Lahore, 50 senior professors will be delivering lectures to the young surgeons on the complicated diseases and surgeries including gastro anthologist and radiologist and educate them on the latest medical education. Addressing the inaugural session of the course, Principal PGMI and Ameer-Uddin Medical College Prof Dr Sardar Mohammad Al-Fareed Zafar said that to become a professionally capable and expert surgeon, such kinds of medical courses play pivotal role and ultimately benefit patients. He said that the Post-graduate Medical Institute is running successfully such medical courses through which especially doctors of Lahore General Hospital are equipped with medical skills. Prof Al-Fareed Zafar called upon young doctors to come forward and take part in such medical courses which are helpful in their bright career. He said that it is also vital that medical students keep themselves acquainted with the merging changes in medical field and get access to the latest medical knowledge.