ISLAMABAD - Ex-Wapda Discos have sought permission to transfer burden of Rs63.4 billion to consumers on account of quarterly adjustments for the fiscal year 2018-19 and annual adjustment on prior period cost. According to a petition filed with Nepra, all 10 ex-Wapda Discos have sought adjustment of Rs30.26 billion on account of variation in fuel purchase price (PPP) for two last quarters of 2018-19 (from January to March and April to June) while three of the Discos have also sought annual adjustments of prior period cost of Rs33.145 billion. It is pertinent to mention here that few months back Nepra had allowed quarterly adjustment of a certain amount to Discos. As per fresh tariff petition filed with Nepra, for the second last quarter of FY 2018-19 (January to March) the proposed recovery includes capacity purchase price of Rs22.16 billion, Rs12 million variables O&M, Rs1.68 billion UoSC & MoF, and Rs2.07 billion on account of T&D losses on monthly fuel price adjustment. After deduction of Rs5.81 billion on account of extra and less purchases, the total proposed adjustment for the quarter (January to March 2019) has been calculated at Rs20.23 billion. For the second last quarter of fiscal year 2018-19, Discos have requested Nepra to allow recovery of Rs20.226 billion from the electricity consumers. The total recovery sought during the second last quarter of the previous fiscal year by Iesco is Rs2.18 billion, Lesco Rs7.09 billion, Gepco Rs98 million, Mepco Rs4.17 billion, Pesco Rs4.11 billion, Hesco Rs64 million, Qesco Rs6.34 billion and Sepco Rs 987 million. For the last quarter of 2018-19(April to June) Discos have sought to recover Rs11.60 billion from consumers which includes Rs733 million variable O&M, Rs1.17 billion as UoSF and MoF and Rs1,69 billion as impact of T&D losses on monthly. With exclusion of extra and less purchases of Rs3.70 billion, the total proposed recovery from consumers during the period has been calculated at Rs 10.036 billion. The adjustment sought for fourth quarter (April to June) is Rs1.29 billion by Iesco, Rs 4.26 billion by Lesco, Rs 369 million by Gepco, Rs1.48 billion by Mepco, Rs2.34 billion by Pesco, Rs 424 million Hesco, Rs3.967 billion by Qepco and Rs 316 million by Sepco. For both quarters of 2018-19 IESCO has requested for adjustment of Rs3.41 billion, Lesco Rs11.36 billion, Gepco Rs1.354 billion, Fesco Rs6.93 billion , Mepco Rs5.65 billion, Pesco Rs6.45 billion, Hesco Rs1.07 billion, Qesco Rs10.31 billion, Sepco Rs1.30 billion and Tesco Rs3.71 billion. Similarly, three Discos including Iesco, Lesco and Fesco have also sought annual adjustments of Rs33.15 billion, of which prior period cost is Rs31.61 billion and indexation-distribution margin 2019-20 is Rs1.54 billion. NEPRA will hold public hearing on petition for quarterly and annual adjustment on September 25.