KARACHI This is not the first time during the past three years that the PPP, which is ruling both at Centre and Sindh, has made those issues controversial on which it has full control. The ongoing house census of the 6th national census is the latest example in which the ruling party is leading chorus of voices of irregularities and mismanagement. It defies the wisdom how can the party in power call a process in which it totally involved as controversial. The most surprising aspect of the objections raised by the ruling PPP is that irregularities in the census process is being committed in interior Sindh where some of their party leaders have openly admitted that 40 per cent of the population does not have the computerised national identity cards which is important document for the census. The party is in absolute power in Sindh for the last three year and it has not succeeded in issuing the CNICs to the population. It truly reflects the mis-governance for which the poor masses of the interior province are suffering. Not only on this count but on a number other counts as well. NADRA, the authority which issues CNIC, comes under interior ministry headed by Rehman Malik, who is the PPP stalwart and a close confident of the hierarchy. The PPP is finding itself in the ranks of the nationalist forces on the issue. These nationalist parties are declaring the census as an exercise to convert the local population into minority. The nationalist forces thrive on issues which are negative in nature and easily attract the masses. Nationalist forces raised such hue and cry against the Kalabagh Dam that it has become the most controversial subject and now these forces have made the 6th census as controversial as KBD. Religious parties and forces have joined the bandwagon to criticise the government and heaping defame on the governance of the PPP, which is known as the party of the masses. If the allegations of the PPP against the census are accepted as true then the party is condemning its own-self. One analyst commenting on the issue said if a ruling party cannot hold a fair and transparent census then only the angels should be invited to do the job. He said it was a poor reflection on the government and particularly on the party cadres of the PPP who could not extend help hand to the census staff in the interior to do a good job. It is worth noting that ongoing census should have been conducted in 2008, but changes of government, military operations against militants in tribal areas, law-and-order situation and natural disasters caused the postponement of exercise.