PESHAWAR - Ansar-ul-Islam, a religious organisation of Khyber Agency, has demanded of the government to apprehend the defunct Lashkar-e-Islam Chief Mangal Bagh from Afghanistan and trial him under treason act. Addressing a press conference here at the office of Tribal Union of Journalists, Ansar-ul-Islam spokesman Qari Mahboob Khan informed that Commander of defunct Lashkar-e-Islam at present resided in the Nangrahar, province of Afghanistan, where Amin Shah Shenwar of Nazian area financially supported him. He said that Mangal Bagh had close contacts with anti-Pakistan elements in Afghanistan and it was now obligatory upon the government to bring him to Pakistan with the help of Interpol and trial him under treason act. He added that the hideouts of Mangal Bagh in Terah valley were still functional and hundreds of kidnapped persons had been detained there. He said that in order to establish durable peace in the region, Ansar-ul-Islam demanded immediate razing of these hideouts of Lashkar-e-Islam. He warned that if the government did not take action against these centres of Mangal Bagh, then Ansar-ul-Islam would do it, as it was fully capable to take action against them. He said that this was their mission to release innocent kidnapped persons from the captivity of Mangal Bagh. He said that Ansar-ul-Islam would first try to resolve this dispute with dialogues but if it could not succeed, they would resort to take action to destroy all the centres of Mangal Bagh. He said that main aim of the Ansar-ul-Islam was to bring peace and prosperity to Khyber Agency and bring those elements to book who had tyrannised people in the region. He said that government knew Ansar-ul-Islam always preached peace and brotherhood in the region. It is worth mentioning here that Chief of defunct Lashkar-e-Islam Mangal Bagh established his own writ in Bara Tehsil of Khyber Agency and Terah valley where people, who did not prayed and wore cap, were harshly treated. Several brutal incidents of murder have been committed by armed persons of Mangal Bagh in the agency and they have caused panic not only among the residents of Bara but also in the settled areas of Peshawar.