OKARA - Well-known Atomic Scientist Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan has said the defence of the mother land by the grace of Allah is safe. No enemy can cast an evil eye on its security. The defence of the country has been made impregnable, he added. Addressing an opening ceremony of the newly-built Ihsan Hall in DPS Renala Khurd Okara, Khan said in I974 India tested nuclear bombs. He said he wrote a letter to Zulifkar Ali Bhutto to start atomic programme. He came back to Pakistan and on his request, he stayed in the country. He proudly said it was all due to the grace of the Almighty Allah that Pakistan was made nuclear power of the world. Akram Ihsan Chaudhry, Riaz Ihsan, Principle DPS Dr Perveen Malik General (r) Ghulam Mohammad, DCO Okara Babar Shafi Chaudhry also addressed the ceremony. perform duties honestly:? Commissioner Sahiwal Qazi Muhammad Ishfaq has said govt offices should try their best to regain confidence of the people and redress their complaints. Presiding over a meeting on law and order and efficiency of all Govt departments, he said all the projects should be completed on priority basis and standard material should be used in construction. Water supply, sewerage system, educational projects and construction of roads should be completed within due time. He further directed the officers of police and other departments to utilise all possible resources for the solution of public problems and report to him. EDO visits BHUs:?EDO Health Okara Dr Tanveer Ahmad conducted surprise visits to Basic Health Centres in Basir Pur, Bahawal, Das Wasaway Wala and other places. In the meantime, he checked attendance of doctors and their staff. He also saw the condition of cleanliness. Talking to reporters, Dr Tanveer said negligence and carelessness on the part of any staff members would not be tolerated. The families of the patients should also cooperate with the staff. Farmers are backbone:?Our farmers are backbone of our country and they have always steered the country out of crises. The speakers expressed these views in all Pakistan Kissan convention in Okara. Besides farmers from Sindh, Punjab, Balochistan and Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa, fertilizer companies, seed companies, Agri University Faisalabad and University College of Agri University of Sargodha as well as reputed scientists and agri experts participated in convention. Experts Dr Mohammad Tariq Bucha, Dr Rai Niaz Ahmad Director General Agri Punjab, Dr Inam Ali Bhutta , Prof Dr Rashid Mukhtar Bilal of Sargodha University and Saeed Akbar Khan told in their addresses that there are many cultures in the world but Agri culture is the most important of all. The experts introduced cotton, wheat, sugarcane, potato and other bumper cops with different technologies. They said the challenges which the country faces at present include use of fertilizers, water and the provision of other agricultural in tapes. Man kills mother-in-law: A man killed his mother-in-law by attacking her with an iron rod in the village Qila Deeva Singh. The accused made off. Police have shifted the body to hospital. Zohran Bibi w/o Bashir Ahmad along with her family was asleep in her house when all of a sudden her son-in-law Shah Behram entered into the house but Zohran Bibi woke up. On raising uproar, he hit head with an iron rod. As a result, she died. Police reached the spot and shifted the body to hospital for post-mortem. Meanwhile, Wagon riders abducted a 13-year-old girl at gunpoint from village 3/R.