LAHORE The Pak-Afghan relations have never been practiced at the ideal level since the creation of Pakistan. However, the recent agreement between the two leaders (Premier Gillani, and President Karzai) for the establishment of a reconciliation commission may prove helpful for improving the bilateral relations between the two countries and restoring peace in the region. Former ambassador Javid Hussain expressed these views while addressing a sitting at a local club here on Sunday. He said that every effort at any forum for the restoration of peace in Afghanistan would be in favour of Pakistan. Because, he added, the development and prosperity in Pakistan linked with the peace in its neighbour Muslim country. He ruled out stability in the war torn country without dialogues and taking on board the local tribes (ethnic, religious), especially of Pashtoon, which were present in majority in Afghanistan and across the Durand Line, he observed. Similarly, the negotiations for peace whether start by the UN, US or other countries must be Afghan owned and Afghan led, he stressed. While analysing the history of relations between the two countries, Javid said, Pakistan had to face the Pakhtunkhwa and Durand Line issues till 1979, besides over 4 million Afghan refuges, who had entered the country after the Soviet occupation, further brought problems to the already weakened economy of Pakistan. Pakistan was facing consequences of internal intervention into the Afghan affairs after the Soviet departure from Afghanistan, he said. After the 9/11, the sudden U-turn by the Pakistan rulers brought more troubles for the country, the former ambassador observed, but he was quick to add that there was no alternate option to not accept the US demands because India was ready to give every facility to Washington to attack Kabul. India was taking benefit of incorrect decisions of the Pakistani decision-makers and intended to pursue a stressful Pak-Afghan relation, he said. To a question, he said the drone attacks were destabilising Pakistan and they were not the solution of the problems. He said the attacks were negatively affecting the economy and society of Pakistan. Very three day after the ISI Chief visit to the US for pursuing the CIA to not hit the countrys territories, the drone hit the tribal area, he said and added the attack proved that the US was not willing to change its policy regarding drone attacks in Pakistan. These attacks cannot be stopped until we become economically strong, he said and added that the progress and prosperity could only be achieved by trying to live within own resources. To another question, he said the war in Afghanistan was fuelling terrorism in Pakistan, but, he added the extremism in the society was itself a reason behind the terror led activities in different part of the country.