Veteran Kashmiri Hurriyet leader, Syed Ali Gilani, has said that the Indian authorities are using brute force to suppress the ongoing peaceful liberation movement in occupied Kashmir. Syed Ali Gilani addressing a gathering of Kashmiri Pandits at Vesu in Kulgam said, On one hand India talks of peace and at the same time its troops are illegally detaining innocent Kashmiris including minors under the draconian law, Public Safety Act, and lodging them in far flung jails. He said that the people of Kashmir were not being allowed a space by the occupation authorities to even peacefully raise their voice against the Indian oppression. Since 2010, I have been confined to my house by the Indian Police, Gilani said. Pointing out that the occupation forces showered bullets on peaceful protests in the territory, he said that the Kashmiris were struggling for their right to self-determination. The troops have occupied more than 28 lakh Kanals of land including that of forests in the occupied territory which is not only the property of Kashmiri Muslims but Pandits too. Our natural resources are being exploited. The power that we generate is being sold outside while we are being denied even our own share, the veteran Hurriyet leader maintained. Terming the Kashmiri Pandits as an inseparable part of the Kashmir society, Syed Ali Gilani appealed them to return to their homes and live in harmony with the Muslim brothers and sisters. You are a part of our body. I assure you that you will be fully protected, he adding that the establishement of separate colonies for Pandit community by India was a conspiracy to divide the Kashmiris. Later, Syed Ali Gilani addressed a similar gathering at Mattan in Islamabad. He also went to the residences of the youth including Shujat-ul-Islam, Ishtiyaq Ahmad Khanday, Irshad Ahmad Latoo, Irshad Parray, Noor-ul-Amin Dagga, Bilal Najar and Rajoo Nath who were killed by Indian troopers and police during last years uprising.