THE UK Ministry of Defence has admitted it inadvertently made top secret information about nuclear submarines available online. It had to publish parts of a report about nuclear reactors onboard submarines following a freedom of information request. According to the Daily Star Sunday, the whole document was uploaded to the Parliament website, with the classified sections blacked out. Unfortunately, a poor choice of internet security technique meant anyone who pasted the censored passages into another document was able to read them. The information apparently included details of Royal Navy nuclear submarines vulnerability to potentially fatal accidents and an assessment of how the US Navy deals with onboard incidents. MoD officials removed the document after being alerted to the situation by the tabloid and replaced it with what a spokesman described as a 'properly redacted version. Metro Conservative MP and defence expert Patrick Mercer said: 'All our enemies are trying to get their hands on nuclear weapons and materials and any information in this document would be hugely interesting to them and potentially catastrophic. The error is the latest in a series of problems for the Royal Navys nuclear submarine fleet, after HMS Astute ran aground during an exercise last year and an officer was shot dead on the same vessel earlier this month. Metro