LAHORE/ISLAMABAD The Interior Ministry is all out to save the skin of not only Moonis Elahi, an accused in the NICL scam, but also former FIA DG Waseem Ahmad and FIA Punjab Director Inam Ghani, who are accused of hindering the investigation process of the scam, sources in the Ministry confided to TheNation on Sunday. Sources said intentions to this effect have been revealed by FIA DG Malik Iqbal appointing Manzoor Ahmad Chaudhry a new officer to conduct inquiry against the above two FIA officers. In other words, the DGs move has shown no confidence in Additional Director General Zafar Qureshi, the officer already investigating the scam on the direction of the Supreme Court. The present DG wrote two letters within a week to Zafar to stop inquiry against ex-DG Waseem and Director Inam. Zafar has also been ordered to send the relevant record to Additional Director General Manzoor Ahmad Chaudhry, who is posted at the FIA headquarters. Sources said that on April 12, Zafar received a letter from the DG directing him to stop inquiry against both the officers, but the former in response wrote that as he would have to appear before the Supreme Court on April 14 to submit his report on the issue and the said inquiry process was an integral part of the investigation, so it could not be stopped. The DG office on April 13 gave him the go-ahead and asked him to continue the process, adding that the letter should be considered cancelled. Interestingly, two days after, on April 15, FIA DG Malik Iqbal issued another letter to Zafar Qureshi, seeking transfer of inquiry against Waseem and Inam to Additional DG Manzoor Ahmad Ch. The two officers were accused of hindering the investigation after an affidavit submitted by Mirza Sultan Saleem, a former director of FIA, made some startling revelations. It is worth mentioning here that Mirza was removed from his post only for the reason that he had exchanged with Zafar Qureshi the information regarding Moonis Elahis accounts received from SOCA, an Interpol agency of the UK. Mirza in his affidavit said Interior Minister Rehman Malik was also displeased with the disclosure of Moonis accounts information to Zafar Qureshi. Mirza said the former DG called him in his office and shouted at him because he was meted out the same treatment by the Interior Minister. When the former DG called me in his office, he shouted at me, said Mirza. Mirza quoted the former DG as telling what happened to him in the Interior Ministers office: The Interior Minister made me awake late night and expressed his resentment on the information given by you (Mirza Sultan) to Zafar Qureshi. Islamabad Report: The investigation officer of NICL scam Zafar Ahmed Qureshi has been barred from conducting inquiry to withhold information about the foreign bank accounts of Moonis Elahi, as he was going to include Interior Minister Rehman Malik as accused into the investigations. Director General FIA Malik Mohammad Iqbal through a notification on Saturday had stopped Additional Director General (ADG) FIA from holding inquiry against former DG Waseem Ahmed and FIA Director Lahore Inam Ghani for not passing information about Elahis accounts, an accused in NICL scam. Chaudhry Manzoor, FIA Islamabad director, had been appointed as the new inquiry officer in this specific part of the NICL scam. A former additional director of the agency Mirza Sultan Saleem had levelled these allegations against both in his affidavit submitted before the Supreme Court (SC). A reliable source in FIA informed that Zafar Ahmed Qureshi was going to include Rehman Malik as the third accused in the light of affidavit of Mirza Sultan. Waseem Ahmed snubbed me saying that Interior Minister had insulted me (Waseem) for your (Saleem) act for sharing information about Moonis Elahis accounts with UK authorities, Mirza Sultan stated in his affidavit. FIA officials connected with the investigations of such type of scams believe that the investigation into NICL scam has technically been divided into two parts after Qureshi was disassociated from this important part of the scam. FIA sources said that Qureshi had taken a plea before DG FIA that he could not be removed from holding inquiry against Waseem Ahmed and others, as it was the integral part of investigation into the NICL scam and not a department mental inquiry. Malik Mohammad Iqbal through an order issued on April 12 had barred Qureshi from proceeding against Waseem Ahmed and Inam Ghani but the order was declared null and void on the very next day prior to the hearing of case before Supreme Court on April 14. Zafar Qureshi has been investigating into the NICL scam on the directions of Supreme Court and the Ministry of Interior had issued the order of his appointment as ADG FIA for NICL scam only. Qureshi confirmed to this scribe that he had been barred from holding an inquiry against Ahmed and Ghani and Chaudhry Manzoor had been appointed as new inquiry officer. He made it clear that investigations into NICL scam remained with him and he was still inquiry officer. He further declined to comment on the issue.