LAHORE Former strong man and APML chief Pervez Musharraf took a U-turn on the issue of his return to the country by linking it with the completion of his partys organizational set-up. Earlier, the former president had announced to come back before the next general election. He said this during a video address to the 'first workers moot from Dubai. Musharraf, who is heading a party without any solid plan at hand to launch the organizational campaign, not only backtracked on an earlier announcement, but also failed to take a clear stance over his return, especially at the occasion of his first address to a major and formal party function. According to former dictators new announcement, he would take a final decision regarding his return if he was promised a mammoth welcome on his comeback, which he said possible only if the party grabs massive support from all corners of the country. He said that he could take a decision for his return after the results of completion of first phase of organizational drive of the party. The APML supremo in his 30-minute video conference to around seven hundred workers from across the Punjab, gathered in the Sodiwal Ground, situated in NA-121, Lahore, tried to pose the APML as the 'third political option for the people of Pakistan. Predicting the change through breaking the status quo in Pakistan, he claimed that APML would be the force, which could bring this change and asked his loyalists to prepare themselves to establish the party in all the provinces of the country to change the destiny of the nation. Declaring his stint in power as the golden age, he claimed that people of the country had tired off the current set up in Pakistan, especially the youth who he maintained were the main force behind the APML. Unveiling political strategy of his party, he announced that APML could take 'solo flight in the next polls if the party leaders and workers establish the party in all the provinces, while failing to achieve this target, the APML could devise a joint political strategy with likeminded forces. He asked his loyalists to launch the organizational drive of the party by opening party offices in main cities, tehsil, districts and union councils, besides starting a convincing campaign to bring maximum political figures in APML fold. However, Musharraf did not elaborate the plan under which his stated directions regarding organizational campaign would take place in the near future. Rejecting the rumours regarding his contacts with PML-N chief, Nawaz Sharif, he alleged, Nawaz Sharif is the person who always targets those who benefited or favoured him. He said, I have never contacted Nawaz Sharif and will never do in the future. The former president claimed that contacting Nawaz Sharif would be below his dignity. Former dictator claimed that Sharif Family had forgotten all the favours, which he had provided to them for allowing them to go to Saudi Arabia and Shahbaz Sharif to go America and Hassan Nawaz to London for treatment. Musharraf claimed that some people hatching conspiracies and spreading rumours against him even on the basis of religion. He, while saying that he belongs to the Syed Family and offered prayers even inside the Holy Kaaba, did not utter a single word regarding the Jamia Hafsa operation and abduction of Dr. Aafia from Pakistan. On this occasion, he announced that he would restore the local government system if the APML voted to power. Musharraf said that there was lack of leadership in the country, as the people have the potential to add their input in the progress of the country and only the competent leadership was needed. The venue and its link roads were decorated with the welcome banners, placards and posters of Pervez Musharraf, while the charged party activists continue raising slogans in favour of Musharraf before and during his address to first workers convention. While, party activists from various parts of the City in small groups and some people also arrived from nearby districts and towns to attend the workers moot. Musharraf on this occasion specially thanked Fawad Chaudhary and his team for making wonderful arrangement for the event. APML leaders including Major General (Retd) Rashid Qureshi, Attiqa Odho, Ahmed Raza Kasuri, Barrister Muhammad Ali Saif, Hafiz Ghulam Mohiyudden and others were also present on this occasion.