Afghanistan would face more problems in the future if Nato leaves the country, Simon Gass Senior Civilian Representative of Nato in Afghanistan said. Replacing Mark Sedwill his predecessor Simon Gass was appointed as the Nato Senior Civilian Representative in Afghanistan in February 2011. He speaks in different languages including English, Greek, French, Italian and Persian and has had key positions prior to being assigned in his new post. Nato is determined to continue its long-term partnership military and as well as civilian cooperation, he said. "We know from past experience that if you leave the job half-done in Afghanistan, you will face more problems in the future and the people of Afghanistan will face more problems in the future," Mr Gass said. He said Afghan peace process led by Professor Burhanuddin Rabbani has full support of Nato. He also emphasised that the process is completely an Afghan led process. The High Peace Council has been formed as part of Afghan government efforts to bring peace and stability in the country. The peace council hasn't come up with a huge breakthrough with anti-government groups despite making several trips to Pakistan, Turkey and some other countries.