ISLAMABAD - Despite passing deadline for degree verification of Federal government employees, present government is keeping mum over its own initiated matter as proper verification through HEC still has not properly started. 'Most of the Federal government employees are not even bothered to submit their original degrees in respective administration section. Nearly 80 per cent employees academic certificates are yet to be submitted for further process, Cabinet Division sources told The Nation. According to the officially issued circular, Federal government of grade 17 to 22 are asked to submit their original educational certificates for verification to concerned admin department till March 20th. Earlier, Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani in an official announcement has also directed the Establishment Division (ED) that educational certificates of the employees may be verified. The Prime Minister reportedly had also set a two-month deadline from February 5 for the verification of educational degrees. A senior bureaucrat, desiring not to be named, commenting on the degree verification process said that it was bit difficult to arrange around 30 years old academic certificates which at that time was prerequisite for CSS examination. 'Near my retirement years, I have to search old documents and submit it for verification, he added. Another senior official of Cabinet division was of the view that deadline for submitting academic degrees have passed and no new reminder was issued as yet. 'Concerned authorities are not taking much interest so government employees are also not paying heed to it, he said. A senior official in HEC degree verification department assumed that the government was ostensibly intending to complete the verification of certificates only in two months while the completion of whole process is taking much time as against the deadline. Quoting an example, he said that the verification of educational documents of hundreds of members of Senate, National Assembly (NA), Provincial Assemblies are yet to complete despite the passage of eight months. How can the verification of a large number of Federal government employees is possible in this short time, he commented. It was learnt that the verification process of degrees of Federal government employees had been asked to start from upper to bottom level employees but verification process is still to get momentum from any level.