OUR STAFF REPORTER LAHORE Intolerance can not be eliminated without complete economic and social justice in a society. There is a dire need for awakening of the silent majority against the extremist forces who are destabilising Pakistan by attacking the public sector institutions as well as innocent citizens. This was the upshot of the speakers of a seminar, titled 'Growth of Intolerance in Pakistan: Causes and Remedies, organised by the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan here on Sunday. The speakers, including HRCP chairperson Dr Mehdi Hasan, PPP (Bhutto Shaheed) President Dr Mubashir Hasan, Supreme Court Bar Association President Asma Jahangir, Dr Khalid Ahmed, Dr Haroon, Fehmeeda Riaz, and Saba Qamar Khatak, addressed the event. In his speech, Dr Mehdi Hasan said the Pakistani society was facing religious, political and economic intolerance. It is all due to injustice in the country, he laments. The entire society is responsible for this menace as we have never bothered to counter it. He said the extremists could not be stopped until the depressed classes were organised. He said a revolution never comes by itself and added that a change which comes by itself is called anarchy. Hasan said Pakistan was facing anarchy. It is a collective responsibility of all of us to sensitise our near and dear ones about this vital issue. Asma Jahangir said the theocratic forces always exploited the masses for their interests in the name of religion. They always spread religious intolerance in the country. She also criticized the alter dictator Gen Ziaul Haq for fueling the religious intolerance in the country. While talking on the issue of Governor Salman Taseers murder, Asma said the media had played an irresponsible role in the episode. She called upon the civil society to talk with the media moguls for playing a balanced role on controversial issues. Dr Mubashir Hasan said the roots of intolerance were very deep in our society and unfortunately the reasons could not be pointed out. He said the theory of nationalization was basic reason of intolerance as it divided the humanity. He said all extremism prevailing in the country was actually a war for power gaining. He said the hatred between the classes could not be eliminated until wealth was equally divided. Khalid Ahmed was of the view that basic reason behind extremism was blind beliefs and hostile behaviors towards the changing realities of the world. He said we should define and fix the responsibilities of state and masses to eradicate the intolerance in the society. Fehmida Riaz said the country was being made inhuman society from where people were migrating. She said the religious groups who were chanting slogans against America nowadays, had been patronized and established by America. She said some hidden forces were instigating intolerance in the country.