At this time of year, we are used to the debate about whether or not we should turn on the fans, the ACs are still in the future, but this year, there has been an unexpected cold snap which is not really a prolongation of spring. Indeed, that might be the reason why there was no breakthrough in the CIA-ISI talks in Washington, where our DG went. Whether he was in Washington to mend relations or give thanks for yet another extension, I dont know, but it remains a fact that he got the extension at the hands of an army chief on his second term, which was granted after the US Secretary of State put in a good word during her visit here last year. However, there was no thaw in relations, probably because of the weather, and the Drones will continue to violate our sovereignty, and kill our citizens on the excuse of going after Al-Qaida militants. But meanwhile, because of the change in the weather, which has delayed but not denied the ultimate aim of the War on Terror, which is to keep all Muslims in the dark until there is an end to terrorist attacks in the USA, no matter what crazed gunmen do in schools, or hoodlums and crack dealers do to each other in its inner-city neighbourhoods, Pakistanis have not been able to play their full role in the pen-swiping by the Czech President while on a trip to Chile. Czechs are preparing to penalize him, because of the embarrassment he has caused the new country, by sending pens to him. Perhaps there are lessons in this for us, as well as for our President. First, we should be grateful for a President who is just accused of ordinary corruption, not petty theft. A reminder to the President: dont start Also, we should find out whether the Czech President committed his act abroad generally, or was it Chile-specific. If the second, then make sure that ours never goes to Chile, and if the Chilean company remain in Baluchistan, we should resist the temptation to send him there no matter how strong the invitation. Also, since Chile has got to make up the loss somehow, no Chilean delegation should be received in Pakistan, not even when headed by its President. Especially when headed by its President. And if diplomatic necessity makes it unavoidable for us to send our President there, or have theirs come over, lets make sure therere no signings of agreements, with hotels told to bear the losses of ashtrays, those little shampoo bottles and towels without making any noise. What made the whole matter worse for the Czech Republic is that all this happened abroad. Our President had better make sure he doesnt disgrace the country by such an action. To quote an American crime writer, Joseph Wambaugh, he mustnt try to pass any Bad Czechs (In one of Wambaughs novels, a character is a cop of Czech descent known as the Bad Czech because he likes to be violent). Or maybe our President need not worry, because his predecessor, Pervez Musharraf, wasnt a playwright, and certainly not a poet, as was that of President Vaclav Klaus, Vaclav Havel. The Czech Republic is a bit of a funny place, being the Western part of country called Czechoslovakia, which was called into being by the merger after World War I, of the Slovak-speaking parts of the Austrian and Russian Empires. The Czech Republic was then known as Bohemia, and the Austrian Emperor had 'King of Bohemia as a secondary title. The very first Sherlock Holmes story was titled 'A Scandal in Bohemia. Well, the 21st century has seen a scandal from Bohemia. So the Czech Republic is a little like Pakistan, which was created in 1947 by Partition from India, just as Czechoslovakia was broken up in 1993, to launch Vaclav Claus on his career. Oh yes, he doesnt believe in global warming, to the extent of writing a book saying it isnt happening. Not only is it doubtful whether our President can write a book, he isnt named Vaclav. The Partition of the Czech Republic and Slovakia was so peaceful, that Klaus is married to a Slovak. Thats like ours being married to an Indian. But then, hes a widower. Indeed, thats why hes president. Not because of any affection for pens in other countries. Anyway, thats probably why we didnt do anything about the Czech President, not even burn a few tyres in a protest favouring the Chilean pen. As a matter of fact, with the ISI chief not around, have you noticed how few protests there are? Just as there was a break in Drone attacks when Raymond Davis was first caught. The same Drone attacks which the USA said it wouldnt stop, even after our ISI chief spoke to the CIA chief about it. One wonders if that was the purpose of the meeting. For our chief to tell their chief it was OK. Going by this, and the actions of Raymond Davis, it seems as if the USA has an assignment, that of making sure there are as few Pakistanis in the world as possible. Not just our ISI chief, but also the whole nation, are left wondering what will happen to the government when there are no more Pakistanis? And these days it is busy surviving without a Law Minister. And its Interior Minister might leave that portfolio to fill Foreign Affairs, which is also vacant. One hopes the president doesnt need him as a lawyer.