ISLAMABAD (PPI) - The Pakistan Economy Watch (PEW) on Sunday said that the government should immediately chalk out a solid strategy for ensuring sustainable economic development to fight hunger, poverty, price-hike and joblessness, saying that the government seems too much busy in averting political and financial hardships, leaving with it little room to formulate a comprehensive strategy for sustainable economic development. In a bid to regulate economy, the officials are making tax system increasingly complex and more inefficient, said Pakistan Economy Watch (PEW) President Dr Murtaza Mughal. Efforts to widen tax net to raise funds will only burden the masses as the government is not touching favourite sectors (agriculture, real estate etc.) that are enjoying unjustified exemptions, he said. Borrowings and deficits are crossing limits, prices of essentials are unsustainable, business investments are inadequate while the increasing share of financial sector is inflicting great damage on critical sectors, he said. Absence of enabling environment and lack of incentives, underinvestment in education, health and infrastructure, increasing number of government-created obstacles and corruption are also matters of great concern, he added. He said that actions against HEC are contrary to the claims of producing an educated and flexible workforce. This decision came at a time when two provinces have failed to meet requirements for teachers. Forcing CEO of a leading group of Karachi to leave country at a time when he was about to become honorary consul general of two Scandinavian countries have sent wrong signal to local and well as international community, Dr Mughal said. Such actions are hard to justify by those who find themselves optimistic about the abilities of the ruling coalition, he said. Generations of ineffective politicians have pushed illogical policy-making, turning things from bad to worst, he said, adding that the complex process of economic growth requires a little more than encouraging statements.