LAHORE (PR) - Pakistan and Suparco have signed an agreement to collaborate on empowering the Geographic Information System for supporting research activities aimed at conserving and protecting environmental resources of Pakistan. The agreement was signed by WAIF - Pakistan Director General Ali Hassan Habib and Suparco Secretary Arshad H Siraj. With increasing population and urbanisation, Pakistans unique biodiversity is receding every day. Mangrove trees are being cut at an alarming rate, Indus dolphins are threatened while freshwater turtles are exported to other countries, wetlands are endangered by locals, and housing schemes are made on agricultural land. Hence, amongst this frenzy there is a need to work together to conserve the resources. In this regard, GIS is used to collect data on species found in Pakistan in order to facilitate the conservation activities within Pakistan and to support such activities taking place at other organisations, through sharing of this information. This partnership will not only enable WWF-P and Suparco to carry out joint ventures but they will also share research data, results, publications and other relevant Information. Both organisations will exchange skills and knowledge in their respective areas of expertise. Overall this partnership will accomplish conservation, protection and restoration of endemic biological resources of our country. Sharing his views on the agreement, Ali Hassari Habib said, Pakistan is blessed with ecosystems which support biodiversity exclusive to Pakistan. The only way we can save this national treasure is by mutual sharing of knowledge and expertise and this is what we are hoping to attain through this agreement. WWF-Pakistan and Suparco has also recently completed a joint initiative of satellite image based ecological flood damage assessment of highly priority ecological areas of Sindh. Habib appreciated the support of Imran lqbal, member Suparco, towards satellite image based research in conserving natural resources.