islamabad - After the successful negotiations between two archrivals India and Pakistan, the former has agreed to release 117 Pakistani prisoners who have completed their term in prison, sources in Interior Ministry told TheNation on Wednesday.

These Pakistanis were detained on charges of overstay and other minor crimes, the sources said. It is pertinent to mention here that Pakistan had released 54 Indian prisoners last year and India while showing harmony and goodwill gestures had agreed to release the Pakistani prisoners. In this regard, the incumbent Indian HC played an important role for the release of the Pakistani prisoners. Sharat Sabharwal, the Indian High Commissioner to Pakistan, has been given six-month extension to settle the important issues due to his good diplomatic relationship with the Zardari government. Pakistan and India have already exchanged the lists of prisoners in each other's custody under the agreement and consular access has already been signed between the two countries. Under this agreement both the countries are required to exchange lists of prisoners in each other's custody twice a year.

Consistent with the provisions of this agreement, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs was to hand over a list of Indian prisoners in Pakistan to the Indian HC in Islamabad.

According to official in Interior Ministry described as "shocking" reports of Pakistani prisoners languishing in Indian jails for over 40 years, and said it was committed to upholding the right to life and liberty of every prisoner who are in Indian jail. "It is really shocking," observed when its attention was drawn to the fact that some prisoners arrested during the 1965 war were still in jail. There were more then 300 Pakistani prisoners in Indian jails.

"The Indian government has already admitted that some persons were arrested during the 1965 war," he said. "It is a pathetic situation." Interior Ministry official also said he knew about some women who deserved to be repatriated as they had spent over 10 years in jail. He claimed that one had even given birth in prison.  Previously due to the border tension, Pak-India secretary-level dialogues have been postponed, India has stopped its secretary from participating in dialogue process with its Pakistani counterpart the matter of prisoners were also in agenda of meeting.

Meanwhile, the Pakistani officials removed border check-points and security gate set up two days ago along the Durand line between the two countries amid heavy criticism from the Afghan officials, particularly President Hamid Karzai. Establishment of 11 security checkpoints and a security gate along the two countries border by Pakistani forces, had been called a matter of national concern by the Afghan authorities threatening to remove if diplomatic dialogue failed.

A delegation from the Afghan side arrived in Islamabad and discussed the issue with the authorities two days ago, with finally the officials destroying the entire facilities and the disputed border gate.

The ISAF forces had also been said to be summoned for the case on which they had been blamed by Afghan authorities to have supported the checkpoints creation along the border.