A PTI leader and former MPA Javed Akram announced that he and his supporters will oppose PTI ticket holders Ch Muhammad Ashfaq for NA-93 and Sardar Khawar Gadhi for PP 87.

He said that his son Murad Akram was given PTI ticket on Tuesday with the condition that if NA-93 ticket holder Chaudhry Muhammad Ashfaq recommended his name for PP-87 but Ch Muhammad Ashfaq secretly opposed Murad Akram’s name.

For this reason, he said, his group will oppose PTI ticket holders of NA 93 Ch Muhammad Ashfaq and for PP 87 Sardar Khawar Gadhi, however; they will not quit the PTI.

PTI replaces PP-167 candidate: The PTI leadership has replaced its PP-167 candidate and awarded ticket to former MPA Mian Khalid Mehmood.

Khalid was elected as MPA in 2004 elections from the PML-Q ticket and joined the PTI one year ago. Previously, the ticket was awarded to former TMA Chairman Mian Shafique Ashrafi who had also started election campaign hanging flexes, pamphlets, banners and posters in PP-167 constituency.

The PTI leadership suddenly decided to replace his ticket and awarded it to Mian Khalid Mehmood.

Talking to media, PTI’s previous ticket holder Shafique Ashrafi denounced the decision and said that he would contest the elections independently if party snatched the ticket from him.

Ashrafi supporters also condemned the party decision and said that they would not vote for Mian Khalid Mehmood.

However, local circles believe that Khalid’s position has consolidated after he got PTI ticket and he emerged as strong candidate against the PML-N’ candidate Arif Khan Sandhila.

EARTHQUAKE: The people of Burewala received jolts of earthquack and people came out of their homes reciting Kalima Tayyaba.

Like other parts of the country, shocks of earthquakes were felt in the afternoon and people came out of their homes reciting the Kalima Tayyaba. According to reports some cracks were observed in the mud walls but there are no reports of any casualties.

 The earth quack shocks continue for three to four minutes and it spread panic amongst the public.