ISLAMABAD (PR) - Under the 'Ufone-PCB king of speed' programme the trials of fast bowlers for the round-1 were held in Abbottabad and Quetta here on Wednesday.

These trials are part of the MoU signed between Ufone and PCB earlier this month to hunt and train the best raw talent in fast bowling.

Ameer Hamza and Usman Khan were the lucky ones, who got selected after the trials in Abbottabad with top speed of 134km/h and 131km/h. M.Ismail and Saizullah selected from Quetta with the top speed of 134 km/h and 132km/h.

After the selection in round-1, they have qualified for the 2nd round of trials, which is scheduled to be held on Sunday 21, 2013 in National Stadium, Karachi and Gaddafi Stadium, Lahore. Trials for round-1 for the rest cities are scheduled on 18th April in AJK (Mirpur) and finally on April 20th in Lahore. A total of 20 selected fast bowlers from the round-1 will join the round-2 of trial. The Ufone-PCB ‘King of Speed’ trials for emerging young fast bowlers have been completed so far in 6 cities including Multan, Faisalabad, Garhi Khuda Baksh, Islamabad, Karachi and Peshawar and a total of 12 bowlers with 2 from each city have been qualified from these cities for the 2nd round of trials.

After the completion of both rounds, the three selected players (via wild card) will join Wasim Akram along with other bowlers from the Pakistan National team in the camp to be hosted in Karachi.

Trial camps are being set up in 10 cities from across Pakistan over 5-7 days and any bowler with a bowling speed of 145 kmph or more will be selected.

To reward upcoming talent participating in the camp, there will be a grand prize of Rs 1 million for the bowler who achieves the bowling speed of above 145 kmph. In case of multiple participants achieving this speed, the winner will be selected through another round or amount to be equally shared.