LAHORE Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) chairman Chaudhry Zaka Ashraf presented a copy of the PCB constitution to of the International Cricket Council (ICC) president Alan Isaac in Dubai during the ICC Board meeting. PCB spokesman on Wednesday said: “This constitution has repealed the 2007 PCB constitution; is compliant with the ICC’s charter document; conforms to the requirement of the ICC with regard to Independence of the boards and prevention of undue interference by governments in cricket administration in member countries.” On the occasion, Zaka Ashraf said: “It has been a long, consultative and thoughtful exercise, and included input from stakeholders including the ICC. I am delighted that in the end, we have been successful in delivering a constitution that is in compliance with the ICC’s requirement and will be beneficial for cricket in Pakistan in the long run.” “The completion of his extremely important task also reflects our commitment as a responsible Member of the ICC. The PCB will continue to take all necessary steps which are in the best interest of our great sport,” the PCB chief added. While congratulating the PCB, ICC chief Alan Isaac said: “I must compliment Zaka Ashraf, his team and the government of Pakistan for their efforts in producing a constitution which makes the process of electing its chairman more democratic and reduces the risk of inappropriate government interference in line with the ICC’s constitutional provisions.” A copy of PCB constitution was also presented to ICC Chief Executive David Richardson who discussed its salient features and also appreciated the PCB’s efforts. During the said meetings, Zaka Ashraf was assisted by PCB COO Subhan Ahmad and legal advisor Taffazul Rizvi, The ICC board also welcomed and commended the PCB and government of Pakistan for the changes to the constitution of the cricket board.