LAHORE - Eminent scholar and theologian Prof Dr Abdul Hafeez Fazli has cautioned against mixing philosophy and scientific theories with religion, saying that “science is tentative information which changes with the passage of time while Quran is truth and the truth never changes and remains the same.”

Prof Fazli, who is the former Chairperson, Department of Philosophy Punjab University Lahore, was delivering a lecture on “Quranic dimensions of Muslim thought” organized by Brett Philosophical Society of Government College University, Lahore on Tuesday. He highlighted the fallacies which arose in Muslims thought by mixing it with foreign elements and Greek philosophy.

Prof. Abdul Hafeez Fazli explained in detail how to reconcile the Quranic concepts of cosmology and ontology with the modern scientific thoughts. He paid tribute to all those scholars and thinkers who have paid valuable work in the field.

The eminent theologian said “the fact is this that sciences and philosophy are man-made knowledge having a worth of their own. On the contrary, Quranic knowledge is divine and eternal. There is no match between the two.”

Prof Fazli was of the opinion that wrong and borrowed terminology led towards bad theology and confused metaphysic.

He concluded that the two systems must not be mixed and formulas of one should not be applied on the other.

He believed that the universe was not functionally autonomous rather God was actively intervening in it perpetually.