TANK - Having suffered a blow from Imran Khan during his address to a rally in Lakki Marwat on Saturday, Maulana Fazlur Rehman snapped back later in the day, saying he would not respond to PTI chief's (terse) remarks in abusive language.

But dwelling further on Khan’s charges against him, Fazl went on to say, “Imran Khan is an enemy of nation's ideology. He is in favour of living with his divorced wife. And his party is brainwashing the youth (by omitting Islamic fundamentals in course books).” He also said PTI had given educational setup to NGOs and “we have protested over the issue repeatedly”.

Hitting back at Imran Khan, Fazl said the ‘agenda of Goldsmith’ would be buried on August 22 by-election. “A government without JUI-F's involvement can never function properly because running the affairs of the government and the province is not a child's play,” Fazl told a gathering in Tank village, while adding, a government could be made without them but if it happened, then that would not function.  Fazl also said his party had offered an unconditional support to Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz.  Speaking about the heavy rainfall and ensuing flood, Fazl urged the government to help people affected by floods and provide them with tents, boats and clean water for drinking. He said that helping the victims was ‘our religious and moral duty’.