ISLAMABAD - Sikander of Hafizabad challenged Sikander of Capitial (Islamabad IGP), inflicting serious damage upon police reputation.

It was a simple crime, which was politicised, given media hype and owing to the indecisions of the police; we made mockery of ourselves. But this was bound to happen, we sow what we reap, we have not built institutions and capacity of human resource, rather we politicise stakeholders and organisations to perpetuate personal interests, so why complain or worry.

Cops are falling all over, their death toll would be higher than military I guess. More would fall if we continue with such a complacent policy. They mostly fall because they are not trained, don't have capacity, will, intention or institutional support. Cops all over Pakistan are recruited on extraneous influence. In a few cases, we might have had few merit consideration though, but rest are good for nothing. Senior officers coming

through CSS exams are highly educated but are far away from the pragmatic world. There is no division of specialisation hence they are all generalist.

In Islamabad like in other parts of the country, top officers are appointed on the basis of their PR. There had been attacks on embassies, churches/mosques, blasphemy violent protests, followed by bomb blasts, kidnappings, killing of high profile personalities and what not. There had been failures on many accounts but no lessons learnt, as we don't believe in learning, hardly anyone hanged high for failure. Reasons are simply that people in power wanted their loyalist police chiefs (mostly incompetent) to safeguard their interests.

Although men like Shoaib Suddle, Jehanzeb Burki, Khawar Zaman, Afzal Shigri, Sifat Ghayur, and few others distinctly performed despite odds. Officer like Javed Noor, Tariq Pervez, Shakaut Javed made some differences, but Nasir Khan Durrani and Syed Kaleem Imam brought revolutionary changes in capital police, whatever semblance one can see is because of them, rest to follow again failed to sustain positive changes made.

Nasir Durrani made rescue 15, established community policing, and enhance operational and traffic police ability. Kaleem Imam improved welfare status of forces, formed QRF, laid rings of security to successfully stop terrorism on onslaught and laid emphasis on police station improvement along with human resource development; he enhanced martyrs subscription, force salary, built

first national police martyr memorial and arrested hundreds of terrorist and criminals.

Not to mention, he resisted Rehman Malik on recruitments and didn't toe his line after which he faced the consequences. So if one wants results, best officers should be posted, who can deliver, right man for the right job, look out for Maradona and Pele in the ranks, not the second best, only exceptional would produce results and not herds or bunch of stooges. Remember capacity building is the only way forward; and accountability across board would curb discipline; learnt lessons and synthesized functioning. Bottom line Interior Minister Chaudhry

 Nisar Ali Khan you need not to defend and give explanation, you are not responsible for what happened; it is capital police to be held responsible.