ISLAMABAD - Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz) central leadership has decided not to let the prerogative of Parliament go in the hands of some other authority and is ready to show some more flexibility, be it the appointment of chairman National Accountability Bureau (NAB) or filling of other constitutional slots like chief election commissioner.

Sources in the party informed The Nation that it was the consensus view of the party leadership in series of meetings held in this connection that Parliament should be made vibrant and all decisions, be it the constitutional matters or making of some appointments on constitutional slots, must be made by the politicians.

Sources further said that Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif had sent his trusted aide Senator Ishaq Dar to Leader of Opposition Syed Khursheed Shah with the message that instead of locking horns on the key appointments, both sides should show flexibility in their stance and not let the matter go in the hands of Supreme Court of Pakistan, which would also give negative impression about the political elite's incapability of resolving serious issues. Leader of Opposition Syed Khursheed Shah was positive and agreed that political matters should be resolved politically at the platform of the Parliament, the sources added.

The sources further said that after this development the appointment of chairman NAB, which has been in limbo for quite sometime, would surely see the light of the day when both Premier Sharif and Opposition Leader Shah would meet sometime in next week.

The sources further said that in the light of this fresh understanding between the treasury and opposition, the changes in the already floated names by both Prime Minister and Leader of Opposition could be altered to land on same page.

It is pertinent to mention here that Prime Minister Sharif had given the names of former bureaucrat Kh Zaheer and Justice (Retd) Rehmat Jafferi while the Opposition Leader Syed Khursheed Shah had floated the names of Justice (Retd) Rana Baghwandas and Justice (Retd) Sardar Raza Khan.

The sources further said that either both the leaders could agree on any of the abovementioned four names and in case they failed to evolve consensus on anyone of these persons, the proposed names could be altered with the sole objective of not letting the matter go in the hands of Chief Justice of Pakistan who in case of deadlock between Prime Minister and Leader of Opposition is mandated to pick any of the four names floated by them.

Sources in the party further said that both the parties would move with same spirit on resolving the other contentious issues between the treasury and opposition as well, and hopefully they would not only resolve the issue of parliamentary committees composition and their chairmanships but the appointment of new chief election commissioner would likely be made with consensus.

The sources in the ruling PML-N said that objections of Pakistan People's Party on the composition of parliamentary committees would be resolved during the current session while the committee for the appointment of chief election commissioner would also be constituted in the next few days and hopefully the new CEC would be in place by middle of next month.