LAHORE - Cops gunned down two alleged bandits in a shootout in Quaid-i-Azam Industrial Estate police limits on Saturday.

Police sources revealed that the cops shot down two gangsters Salman and Ali Hassan, an hour after residents handed them over to police. The bandits tried to flee after shooting a woman, namely Azba Bibi, outside her house in the Township (Sector A-II) as she offered resistance. A police officer, on the condition of anonymity, said that the policemen took the bandits to a deserted place where they were shot dead. According to the police version, four bandits opened fire on the police when the cops were chasing them. The police retaliated and killed two. Police claimed that the bandits had a criminal record and wanted to the police in several cases of armed robberies. The bodies were removed to the morgue for autopsy. Further investigation is on.