Jamaat-e-Islami Pakistan Ameer Syed Munawar Hassan claimed on Saturday that the elections were rigged to defeat JI and other political parties, adding that the reality of IJI-like polls would be unveiled within one year.

Addressing a news conference here at local JI office, he added that he inspected electoral process from the front instead of contesting. “The party that deserved 80 to 85 seats won 150 which created serious imbalance. No one can rectify this imbalance,” he warned. He said that all including winner and losers alleged that the elections were rigged. He said that the elections were supposed to bring unity to the country but the recent elections created unrest instead.

He said that although the PML-N succeeded in forming governments at the centre, Punjab and Balochistan, if failed to introduce public-friendly policies. “Instead Mian Nawaz Sharif is out to win public’s support for India,” he lamented. He said that the US wanted to make India policeman of the region. He pointed out that China and Iran were the next targets of the US in this region. He asked the government to adopt tit-for-tat policy on the issue of Indian aggression.

He said that Indian was self-reliant in terrorism as over a dozen separatist movements were currently underway in India. He added that the menace of terrorism begun in Pakistan because of war on terror while American drone attacks and violation of our borders was also a form of terrorism.

Referring to the idea of All Parties Conference (APC), he said that any activity was futile until the agenda of APC was discussed in and approved by the parliament. He said that the US, India and other secular forces did not want peace in Pakistan and therefore they were opposed to the idea of APC. He said that the American foreign secretary John Kerry did not say anything on drone attacks or violation of Pakistani borders by the Nato forces which was regrettable. “Even though America is responsible for terrorism in this region, our government did not express any reaction on the silence of Kerry,” he lamented.  He said that our foreign policy was pro-US and not pro-Pakistan.

To a query on Kashmir issue, he said that the peace in the region was subject to the resolution of Kashmir dispute. He categorically declared that nothing could bring peace to this region until the Kashmiris were given their rights. “All efforts like Aman ki Asha are futile without settlement of Kashmir dispute,” he asserted.

Referring to Islamabad incident, he claimed that the rulers staged this drama to divert the attention of nation from real issues like destructions of flood, Indian aggression and killings in Egypt. He said that an armed man held federal capital hostage for five hours and yet the interior minister claimed that nothing happened. “The government should have requested media not to cover the event as it disseminated the message to the world that if Pakistani forces cannot control an individual how they can block any aggression from the enemy,” he maintained.