ISLAMABAD - A three-judge bench headed by Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry tomorrow (Monday) will hear the firing incident at Jinnah Avenue Islamabad where a an armed man kept the federal capital hostage for more than five hours on August 15.

Taking notice of Tariq Asad advocate’s petition, the chief justice has fixed the hearing for August 19. He has sought formation of a Judicial Commission to probe the matter to see if there was any conspiracy behind this incident.

Tariq Asad also prayed the court to bring to book those who were responsible for the drama to last for hours, allow the public to watch the scene and allow live TV coverage of the event in violation of their code of conduct. He has made federation (through Interior Secretary), Islamabad inspector general of police, chief commissioner and PEMRA chairman as respondents. The petitioner submitted that a person named as Sikandar, accompanied by his wife and two kids, carried two rifles – an AK-47 and a latest Sub Machine Gun (SMG) – and managed to enter the Jinnah Avenue, in front of the Parliament Building after crossing all the police check posts and barriers.

He questioned the inordinate delay in conducting operation when SSP Dr Rizwan had told they had reached at some settlement with the troublemaker. He asked why PPP leader Zamurad Khan was allowed to attempt to overpower the accused. He said that Zamurad's attempt was also an offence and if he rushed without permission, he should also be dealt with in accordance with the law.

He further said that Sikandar was not a ‘normal’ person, he could have been controlled without firing any shot at him and when he had raised his hands without firing, why he was shot particularly in the upper part of his body. He said Interior Minister Ch Nisar Ali Khan has accepted responsibility for prolonging of the operation, so he should be asked to resign.