Lahore - If Dr Tahirul Qadri would have done his famous multiday sit-in in Islamabad about twenty five year back from now, without his follower’s assistance, it would’ve looked something like what we saw on Thursday. In fact if Sikandar would’ve been a bit more patient with his hormonal explosion and waited till he scored more followers like his wife who believed in Sikandar’s dreams and till his sons would’ve become Phd scholars, he would’ve beaten Tahirul Qadri’s episode, certainly would have gotten more points for style.

And by god, Sikandar had all the time on earth to gun down Zamurad Khan when he tripped and was stumbling for cover, but he didn’t, which showed his intention. Sikandar was there for a greater cause, the betterment of the country in his view, just like Tahirul Qadri, Sikandar wasn’t there for personal gains, and he meant no harm. Please just ignore their plan of actions, if you can that is it.

There were many similarities between the two determined Pakistanis Tahirul Qadri and Sikandar.

Both denounced the system and were unique in expressing their reservations.

Both were very highly ambitious and had a taste for the capital.

Both had family involved.

Both had obedient followers, more or less. (Minhaj and Mrs Sikandar and family).

 Both maintained a level of royalty in negotiations.

One had automatic weapons the other had a fiery accent.

Both penetrated to the highest level of administration.

Both became apple of the eye of the print, electronic and social media.

Both incident gave birth to conspiracies like ‘this was just to deviate media, something big was actually happening behind the curtains.

Both were tackled ‘in poor attempts’ by politicians.

Overall Tahirul Qadri was a better of the two acknowledging that Tahirul Qadri had no one to

look up to while on the other hand Sikandar always had Dr Qadri as an example. He should have at  least

studied Dr Qadri’s exit strategy or brought a bigger entourage to the party.