java, indonesia


It is one of the world's most photogenic sports, often taking place in exotic locations.  But, as this worrying picture shows, surfing is not always that glamorous.

The picture was taken off the coast of Java in Indonesia and shows the country's most famous surfer Dede Suryana gliding through an enormous trash-filled wave.

The 28-year-old looks poised and balanced as bits of debris and trash roll over the top of him. The incredible picture was captured by surf photographer Zak Noyle who searches the world looking for the perfect surfing pictures.

He said: 'The trash suddenly showed up while we were out in the water in a large mass, including tree trunks the size of cars, lots of food wrappers and bottles as well, we even saw soccer balls floating amongst the debris. 'I kept on thinking I would be seeing a body of some type of animal or something float by.'

Despite its natural beauty, Indonesia is well known for its rubbish-filled water.

As reported by National Geographic, the Citarum River has so much garbage floating in it that you cannot see the water, making it impossible to fish in.

Marine wildlife - such as fish and turtles - often get into difficulty because they mistake plastic bags for food. This also creates prfoblems for humans as the fish which are captured by fishermen often contain high levels of chemical toxins .

These harmful toxins are then absorbed by people who eat the fish.