THARPARKAR: Pakistani-origin British boxer, Amir Khan has inaugurated a potable water supplying facility and announced construction of a healthcare facility for the residents of the drought-hit area in Tharparker.

Khan visited Tharparkar with his wife, Faryal Makhdoom, where the locals welcomed them.

According to Additional Deputy Commissioner, Muhammad Hussain Baloch, the Bolton star had promised the government support in its efforts to better the lives of those living in Tharparkar.

While talking to the media, Khan appreciated provincial government’s efforts to provide as many facilities to the locals as possible in the budget given by the federal government.

He urged international organizations to take notice of almost 433 lives that were lost this year to drought, malnutrition and outbreak of disease.

District Health Officer has said that around 63,500 children were brought to around six health facilities and only 6,353 were treated there.

Explaining the water facilities provided by the Amir Khan Foundation, Khan said that Tharis have to walk at least three kilometers for water. This long walk also leaves the Tharis vulnerable to snake attacks and in case of an attack, it is extremely difficult to get to a hospital for treatment.

The foundation has built water tanks for the locals, which have the capacity to provide clean drinking water to at least 800 people.