NEW YORK - A bar named after Osama bin Laden is doing roaring business in Rio de Janeiro where a man dressed as the al-Qaeda leader serves drinks to patrons, including some of the world’s top Olympic athletes who go there to relax there after finishing strenuous sporting events, according to American media reports. The “Bar do Bin Laden”  is owned by long-bearded José Felipe de Araújo who bears a resemblance to the mastermind of the 2001 attacks on U.S. soil. “After Sept. 11, everyone startingcalling me Bin Laden for obvious reasons,” Araújo, 60, was quoted as saying by The New York Times. “The nickname stuck, so I decided to use it to my advantage.”

Araújo, a former manuallaboure, receives thirstycustomers from around the globe with a warm welcome and tall bottles of Antarctica beer served “stupidly cold,” as is thecustom in Rio de Janeiro, the first city in S America to host the Olympics.

‘Bar do Bin Laden’ in Rio’s distant suburbs, wheredozens of patrons gather until past midnight during the Games, isn’t the onlysaloon in Brazil named for the al-Qaeda leader who was hunted downand killed in Pakistan in 2011. 

Thoughreviled in much of the West, the Bin Laden name generally does not carry thesame stigma in Brazil, a country that has been spared the large-scale terroristattacks that have horrified many other parts of the world, the Times said. “A sense of rebellionand defiance might also play into the proliferation of the Bin Ladenphenomenon.”

One of Brazil’s most popular funk singers is named – you guessed it– MC Bin Laden, it said.