Rawalpindi - A duty magistrate ordered investigators of the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) to produce original notification issued by the Federal Interior Ministry for deportation of blacklisted US citizen Matthew Barret yesterday.

Duty Magistrate Ayaz Rafique Loan did not accept a photocopy of the notification submitted by FIA Sub Inspector Rana Ikram seeking release of Barret from Adiala Jail.

The judge snubbed the investigator and said:“What kind of official you are who does not know a difference between original and photocopy”. The judge asked the FIA investigators to produce the original notification for deportation of Mathew Barret and adjourned the hearing till Thursday.

Mathew Barret who was slipped into Pakistan via Benazir Bhutto Islamabad International Airport (BBIIAP) and was rounded up from a guest house in Islamabad on August 6. The US national was sent to Adiala Jail by the court on judicial remand on August 12 when the FIA said that the US national would be deported from Pakistan.

Raja Muhammad Nazir Advocate, who represented FIA SI Raja Asif Raza and his son Constable Ehtasham-ul Haq, told media that court was not ready to accept the photocopies of notification for deportation of Mathew Barret issued by the Federal Interior Ministry.

He said that it was discrimination with his clients who were arrested for allowing Mathew Barret to enter Pakistan. He said that the FIA had arrested Raja Asif and Ehtasham on charges of getting illegal gratification for giving clearance to Mathew Barret for entry into Pakistan despite the fact that he was blacklisted in the country.

“The government had decided to deport Mathew Barret without trying him in a court of law,” he said adding the government however had registered a criminal case against those who were on duty when the US national got entry into Pakistan. All foreigners could be tried if they violated the law of the land, he said in response to a question about trial of Mathew Barret in Pakistan.  Similarly, the deportation of Mathew Barret could benefit his clients whose bail pleas would be taken up on Thursday, he added.