D.I.KHAN: Doctors in Dera Ismail Khan carried out a record-breaking series of 16 operations, saving lives under illumination from their cellphone torch lights.

According to reports, the operations were carried out in District Headquarters Hospital in D.I Khan City of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, owing to incessant power outages and generator breakdowns.

All the operations conducted were of emergency cases and had to be dealt immediately, reports said.

All the surgeries were reportedly successful and have created a new record for surgeons the world over.

According to Deputy Medical Superintendent Dr. Fazlullah, the operations could not have been carried out, as there is no possibility of conducting 16 surgeries in five minutes.

The surgeons would never make such an irresponsible decision, he said, adding that the generators were available at the medical facility but may not be working when the operations were carried out.

According to the KPK Advisor to CM on Information, Mushtaq Ghani, the reason for holding the operations under mobile torch lights was the malfunctioning of the hospital's generators.

Ghani said he came to know about the news through a TV report. He said an inquiry was underway and officials were looking for alternative solutions in case of future incidents of generator malfunctioning.

He also added that all state-run hospitals have been provided with enough funds and working generators, and that such operations only took place in rare emergencies.