LAHORE - The Punjab government has decided to outsource washing and cleaning of hospital lines, patients’ and staff gowns at District Headquarters and Tehsil Headquarters Hospitals in 25 districts.

Primary and Secondary Healthcare Department has invited expression of interest from local/foreign companies of good repute for three year contract for laundry/housekeeping services at DHQ/THQ Hospitals.

The interested firms have been asked to submit EOI for all districts or selected locations till August 29. The selected firm will install brand new Hospital Laundry Unit of leading international brand at the DHQ Hospital within three months after finalisation of contract. In case of contract for all 25 districts or more than one district, the firm will complete installation within six months.

The firm will charge Rs200,000 from DHQ Hospital where laundry unit is installed and Rs75,000 from THQ hospitals falling in the jurisdiction of the said district every month. The company will collect and deliver washed linen at the THQ Hospitals at own expense. The firm will use certified washing/cleaning detergent and stain removing chemicals, arrange staff for maintenance, operational, collection, delivery, housekeeping services. The firm will be given 10-times linen for its washing cycles and ensuring availability of clean stuff all the time.

The company will replace 50 per cent of the linen of the same quality after the end of every year. The firm has the option of washing clothes other than the hospital linen.

Congo more lethal than cancer

Congo virus is more lethal than cancer and as such there is need of taking precautionary measures while handling sacrificial animals on Eidul Azha. Congo spreads through bites of ticks usually found on skin of goats and other such animals.

Speaking at an awareness seminar about Congo virus at Lahore General Hospital yesterday, Principal Postgraduate Medical Institute/LGH Prof Ghias-un-Nabi Tayyab said that bite of infected tick could cause Congo fever.

“These ticks live on skin of animals. Symptoms are high grade fever, hunger, weakness and swelling of eyes. He or she also falls short of white cells immediately and starts bleeding which causes death. Precautionary measures should be taken to fall prey to the deadly disease,” he said.

DCO takes notice of cooking oil shortage

District Coordination Officer Muhammad Usman took notice of the artificial shortage of supply of cooking oil and ghee in city’s markets.  The DCO directed the Price Control Magistrates to submit the report on daily basis and asked them to speed up the operations against the profiteers and those involved in over charging in cooking oil.

According to notified price list of Ghee/Oil issued by city government per kg/Ltr Dalda Ghee & Dalda oil at Rs165 and Rs176 respectively, Sufi Ghee Rs148, Sufi Oil Rs158, Shan Ghee Rs137, Shan Oil Rs145, Punjab Ghee Rs146, Punjab Oil Rs139, Habib Ghee Rs163,. Habib Oil Rs165, Meezan Ghee Rs155, Meezan Oil Rs165, Kausar Ghee Rs144, Khalis Ghee Rs133, Khalis Oil Rs138, Chand Ghee Rs125, Chand Oil Rs145, Kisan Ghee Rs150, Kisan Oil Rs160, Menat Ghee Rs145, Nemat Oil Rs152, Soya Supreme Ghee Rs163, Soya Supreme Oil Rs165, Sadiq Ghee Rs133 and Sadiq Oil Rs140. 

The DCO said no overcharging would be tolerated and action would be taken against shopkeepers selling oil and ghee at inflated prices.