National Counter Terrorism Authority (Nacta), which was established in 2013 to curb the menace of terrorism, lacks manpower - including officers and trained staff – to function properly.

An internal meeting of Nacta, held under the chair of National Coordinator Ihsan Ghani, was informed Thursday that the counterterrorism authority operates a dedicated helpline to respond to any possible threat of country-wide terrorism.

On Tuesday, a senior official told reporters Nacta wants civilian organizations - including intelligence agencies, provincial police and counterterrorism departments (CTDs) of the provinces - under its control, a call that is serving as a roadblock in the way of making this body fully functional.

The official, who declined to be named, said he was against such a move because it will undermine the civilian organisations. Civilian agencies such as the Intelligence Bureau, he said, have hugely contributed in the war against terrorists.

The 20-point National Action Plan calls for strengthening and activation of Nacta. The official, however, said the counterterrorism authority shouldn’t be reinforced at the cost of existing civilian organisations.