ISLAMABAD - Spokesman to the Prime Minister Dr. Musadik Malik on Wednesday said people have rejected Imran Khan’s rhetoric on non-issues as they are looking towards constitutional and legal institutions of the country.

“People have rejected his rhetoric and are waiting decisions on petitions filed in case of Panama papers instead of supporting his movement,” he said in a private news channel programme.

The Spokesman said Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz or any other party has expressed the confidence in the courts and all state institutions will have to obey the Supreme Court orders if asked to cooperate in investigation on Panama papers.

“Anything else discussed by Imran Khan other than filing references in courts of law carries no substance,” he said.

“Imran’s rhetoric like umpire’s finger, offer to appoint  General Raheel Sharif as Field Marshal and distributing sweets, carry no weight except to reflect non-democratic thinking of  PTI leader”. He said all the three institutions including the ECP, the Parliament and the Supreme Court are constitutional institutions and once the matter is there, why Imran Khan is taking to roads.

“When the matter is the courts and anybody can present evidence over there. Then why Imran Khan is once again trying to create chaos and misguide people,” he stated.

Musadik Malik said it was a legal matter and had to be dealt with legally and said, PPPP adopted the right course. But, as PTI has no trust in the state institutions, it is bent upon agitation.

The Spokesman said the government also desires that the legal matters should be decided in the courts of law and not from atop the container.

“Now if we desire accountability, we have to enhance credibility of our institutions, instead of making them controversial,” he added.