YOKOHAMA: A Muslim man from Pakistan awaiting deportation went on a hunger strike nearly two weeks ago after he was served pork at the immigration facility, where he is being held.

The incident came to light Aug. 17 during an interview with officials at the Yokohama District Immigration Office, a branch of the Tokyo Regional Immigration Bureau. The 48-year-old detainee began his hunger strike on Aug. 4 as an act of protest.

It is not the first time the Yokohama District Immigration Office has made such a blunder. In August 2015, it served bacon to another Muslim man, and apologized for the error.

According to immigration officials and the man's supporters, he ate a stewed “hijiki” seaweed dish that contained 5-millimeter-square pieces of processed ham on Aug. 3. The immigration office's policy is not to serve pork to Muslims, but the catering contractor and immigration officials failed to notice the ingredient.

According to a supporter who visited the man in custody on Aug. 17, he has only taken water and honey since he began the protest, but was well enough to chat.

An official at the Yokohama District Immigration Office in charge of the case said, “We are going to implement strict checking measures before providing meals to prevent a recurrence.”