KASUR-Siding with DHQ Hospital staff, the district police registered cases against 40 mediamen for staging protest against the hospital staff ‘brutality.’

According to media reports, the reporter of a private news channel Muhammad Waseem went to Cardiology Ward of DHQ Hospital where he found the doctor concerned absent and a dispenser was referring the patients to private clinic of the doctor. The reporter filmed the scene to reveal doctor’s absence and indifference to the duty. As the guards there found the reporter has filmed the scene, they gave him a sound thrashing and took him to the hospital Medical Superintendent Dr Ashraf Javed room where the MS made the guards torture Waseem. Later, they locked him in a room. After the Kasur Press Club members intervened, the hospital staff released him from the captivity.

The mediamen submitted an application to the police for registration of a case against the culprits but the police instead registered cases against 40 mediamen on fake charges including terrorism charge.

According to the Kasur journalists community, they have been working hard to unveil the doctors’ alleged corruption and apathy causing patients’ deaths at the hospital. That’s why the district administration has been angry with the mediamen and has been issuing veiled warning to local journalists to mind their ways. But the journalists did not give up their duty and continued to expose the irregularities in the hospital at which the police, on the Kasur DCO orders, registered cases against the media men on fake charges of terrorism when they were protesting against hospital staff for torturing the reporter. The mediamen across Kasur district, traders’ organisations and civil society members have condemned the incident and staged a sit-in front of Kasur press club. They said that restrictions on the freedom of expression would never be tolerated. On the occasion, they also jointly passed a resolution in which they demanded the government to quash all the cases registered against the mediamen.

They also demanded suspension of the DHQ Hospital MS Dr Javed Ashraf and stern action against the culprits involved in torture on the reporter.