Holding a globe in my hand, I am just going through every country’s cyclorama. Let’s see… What’s achromatic? Where is it? Well, well, well, who do we have here in the adjacent land. Ah Mr N D Moody isn’t it…

Mr Moody’s past as a teaseller and his awe-inspiring development as a leading figure that he is today, has been subject of a lot of trolling in the recent past. Uni-tea, equali-tea, safe-tea, prosperi-tea – you know the drill.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the LOC we have been full of activi-tea assimilating Panama Papers, terrorism and kidnappings here and there.

Mr Moody has been quite a hit among his foreign counterparts with his vivaci-tea and has led to a lot of gusto in the countries he has visited. Should anyone ever write a travelogue on his globe-trotting adventures, it would be a fun read.

His priori-tea has been understandable. He has been cultivating his social circle, enlarging it at every given opportuni-tea.

Remember when he met Prince William, Duke of Cambridge? After shaking hands with him, HRH’s hands noticeably changed colour.

Shouldn’t it have left a red impression? He left a white one. What diplomatic versatili-tea!

But I do wonder what he was thinking at the particular moment. Either the impression was caused by royal pressure or unpretentious love. Either way, point well-made Mr Moody.

His second exciting encounter was with Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, during which his brevit-tea and measured actions highlighted that he himself is fond of taking pictures and doesn’t even care if any CEO gets jettisoned.

He pushed him away almost as if saying, “Get aside dude! I am the PM of India and you’re..? Never mind”

Perhaps he was way too thrilled about the encounter that he totally went out of his own shoes, or maybe he thought he was the boss and expected Mr Zuckerberg to adhere to his guest’s ideological antiqui-tea. But actions do speak louder than words. Or so people who don’t talk much say.

During Moody’s recent trips to China and USA, when given a bouquet his expressions were like: “Damn it! I was expecting an Xbox or something better man.” India’s membership in NSG had been much awaited by most of the world, but all was lost in vani-tea.

Developing a bond with Arab countries was another incredible feat of Mr Moody. He was greeted tenderly over there – as if he hailed from Arabia instead of India.

A few people say he is fortifying welfare activi-tea, for his own publici-tea. But for him it will always be authori-tea, barbari-tea, celebri-tea and not quite chari-tea.