LAHORE - A mother of four children and a newlywed woman were found dead yesterday in two different areas of the city.

Shazia Bibi was discovered dead in her house in China Scheme of Gujjarpura police area. According to police, husband of the lady was missing after the incident.

A brother of the victim told the police that Shazia was poisoned to death by her husband and her in-laws. The police were investigating the death.

Separately, a newlywed woman was found dead from her in-laws in Hayer police precincts. The woman was identified as 22-year-old Fazeela Bibi. The resident of Sargodha district, Fazeela, was recently married to Pitris Masih, a resident of Mahar Town.

Police investigators said the lady was discovered dead from her bedroom early yesterday. Her body was moved to the morgue for an autopsy. The parents of the victim alleged that Fazeela was murdered by her in-laws. Police investigators were investigating the death.