ORAKZAI AGENCY - At least 10 militants were killed and four others injured when fighter jets pounded their hideouts at Mamonzai area of Orakzai Agency on Sunday.

Backed by security forces, fighter planes targeted militants' positions at Jandari Kalli and Merkalam Khel in Mamonzai area, where militants have still influence. The planes pounded militants’ hideouts for almost one hour killing at least 10 militants and inflicting injuries to four others. Hive hideouts of the militants were also destroyed in the action. Forces have expedited their action against militants and so far, a number of militants' positions have been bombed and destroyed. Dozens of local tribesmen have migrated to safer places in downtowns. Residents from Jandari Kalli, Argheljo and Merkalam Khel areas have shifted to safer places.

Moreover, shortage of diesel and petrol have also compelled the residents of these areas to move to safer places. Security forces and government have time and again claimed that 90 per cent area of the agency area has been cleared of militants, but militants are still considered to be strong in Mamonzai area of the agency.