Chief Justice Mr. Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry took notice on an office note based on the news items published in section of media regarding the brutal murder of teenager who was gang-raped and strangulated to death.

It was further reported in the news stories that unidentified people raped a teenager in the Islamabad and set her dead body on fire before dumping in into a ditch in nearby jungle.  Police found the dead body of 11-year old girl in a ditch in Sector I-9/1 of Federal Capital.

Further, the teenager was resident of Bhara Kahu, had gone missing since 13-02-2013 and FIR was registered in Bhara Kahu Police Station against 55 years old Qaiser Ali and his wife Mehak Qaiser on 16-02-2013 after father of teenager accused them of kidnapping her daughter. AS per report the dead body was totally burnt and family alleged that she was raped, murdered and then her body was set on fire. After the dead body of deceased was found on 17-02-2013, a case was registered against the nominated accused in Industrial Area Police Station under section 302. The news stories further stated that the incident has horrified the people of Islamabad and sparked protests across the locality and has shocked the members of civil society and they have called for arrest of accused and award of death penalty to all those involved in the bone-chilling incident involving rape/death of teenager.

Taking the notice of the incident, Chief Justice passed the following orders:-

“Put up in Court on 19-02-2013. Notice to IGP Islamabad be issued to appear and submit report”