RAWALPINDI  – Rawalpindi Police on Sunday arrested 27 lawbreakers including five drunkards, four suspected dacoits and nine gamblers and seized 1660 grams charras, 53 bottles of liquor, three pistols 30 bore with 10 rounds, one carbeen 12 bore and fireworks items from the arrested accused.

According to police spokesman, Waris Khan police held Hamad for having 1160 grams Charras while Gungmandi police sent behind the bars Sultan on recovery of 14 bottles of liquor. Waris Khan police arrested Khurram with five bottles of liquor while Usman was netted for having five liquor bottles. Gujjar Khan police held Majeed with 24 bottles of liquor while Mandra police recovered five liquor bottles from Irfan.

City police held five persons namely Adeel, Rizwan, Babar, Zohaib and Umair who were allegedly under the influence of alcohol. Other accused were arrested for having illegal weapons and fireworks items.   

Meanwhile, Rattaamral police acting on a tip-off conducted a raid and held four suspected dacoits identified as Mudasir, Saeed-ur-Rehman, Phool Shehzad and Raees Khan besides seizing four 30 bore pistols with 19 rounds. Bunni police raided in Mohalla Akram Bagh and held nine gamblers namely Khurram, Kasif, Attique, Adnan, Iftikhar, Zaheer, Waqar, Abid, and Arif who were involved in betting while playing cards.

Police recovered Rs 6540 stake money, six mobile phones and other gadgets from their custody.