SADIQABAD - A former Bar Association president has called on the Punjab governor to concentrate on the welfare of the people, development of Rahim Yar Khan and setting up of engineering and agricultural universities in the district as per the announcement of former prime minister Yousuf Raza Gilani, instead of establishment of an Islamic University campus.

Muhammad Hanif, the former bar president, also urged Syed Ahmad Mehmood to give an evidence of being education-friendly governor by upgrading educational institutions of the district which is very important region regarding agriculture. He demanded that the Agricultural College should be given a status of university. He also suggested the names for new universities - Rahim Yar Khan Engineering University and Rahim Yar Khan Agricultural University.

He said that the initiation of post-graduation classes at all the boys and girls’ universities was also necessary, demanding upgradation of all the secondary schools to postgraduation colleges to facilitate the local people. He regretted that all the educational institutions in the district were without basic facilities like potable water, electricity, park and playground and their buildings were also dilapidated and urgently needed to be repaired.

In order to provide facilities at all the schools, he demanded immediate formation of a committee for consultation.

He added that the Sadiqabad Tehsil Headquarters Hospital had failed to provide healthcare to the people as its building was dilapidated and not cleaned regularly.

He stressed the need for improving its condition. He also pointed out that at the healthcare facility, recruitment of a qualified physician and establishment of a laboratory to facilitate the people locally.

He justified his demand, saying that at the moment, the patient had to go to District Headquarters Hospital, Divisional Hospital or hospitals in Lahore or Karachi for tests or surgery.

He was of the view that Wasiab has a special responsibility over the governor as he belongs to Sadiqabad. He said that the governor should serve the people indiscriminately and selflessly and solve the people’ problems by utilising his powers.